sightseeing elevator, panoramic elevator, observation lift

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Product Description

The sightseeing elevator/panoramic elevator/observation lift. BAHD sightseeing elevator series are widely used nowadays. In hotels, business places and office buildings, you all can see our panoramic elevator silently transporting colorful passengers up and down, adding beautiful sights to buildings. Our lift distincts itself in automatic timing switch and safety device, offering passengers steady moving up and down.

BAHD Sightseeing elevator can be called the mobile art among the buildings, delicate and exquisite. It is the combination of amenity and visual esthetic. It not only fits the megastore, shopping malls, exhibition hall, hotel, restaurants, but also brightens the office building .

BAHD sightseeing elevator individualizes and animates the buildings. The sightseeing elevator could be the focus all the time, indoor or outdoor. Passengers could enjoy beautiful views and the artistic style. The mobile and colorful design consist the floating view in the buildings. Varieties of sightseeing elevators, such as square, semi-circle, hexagon etc match all kinds of buildings and relieve their elegance.

The lighting of the cabin combines with the surroundings, which makes our Sightseeing elevator a beautiful scenery line.

sightseeing elevator, panoramic elevator, observation lift

sightseeing elevator, panoramic elevator, observation lift

Our sightseeing elevator is good in quality and competitive in price. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship with you! We would provide sightseeing elevator with good services for you!

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